About The Artist


As a child I was enchanted by the changing shape of morning sunlight on my bedroom walls. These were luminous stories and within them was a primal mystery about what it meant to be alive, to be embodied, to be human, to be here.  

I am still enthralled by light. It communicates to me through pattern and wavelength. I not only see light - I feel it in my body through kinesthetic synesthesia. Just one of the various unusual ways I perceive the world - thus my chosen moniker: Emboddity

Photography (from Greek root words meaning 'drawing with light') is the ideal medium to explore my love of illumination. Most of my images are created using the sun as the light source which infuses them with a radiant quality that often catches me by surprise.  Printing the images on metal captures their luminescence, resulting in pieces that are intended to bridge the liminal space between abstraction and Modern Sacred Art. - Elizabeth Yoffe