About The Artist

Emboddity is the name under which artist and award-winning film producer Elizabeth Yoffe creates her luminous abstract photo art. 

Her love of photography began at Bennington College where she spent hours in the darkroom immersed in the mysterious, alchemical pleasure of developing film. As a producer she remains captivated by the artistry of light and lens. 

Elizabeth’s artwork is influenced by her kinesthetic synesthesia which allows her to experience color, light, sound and shape as feelings within her body. She always perceived the world in a heightened way, but after recovering from a disabling stroke in her thirties by using neuroplasticity, visualization, dance, music and meditation, the rewiring of her nervous system enhanced her sensory perception. 

To date this emerging artist’s work has been featured in international art journals 'Utsanga' and 'Art Reveal', and in juried group exhibitions including The New York Center for Photographic Art, Marin Society of Artists, Grey Cube Gallery, Art Show International, The Purposeful Mayo, Art's District Boston, Art Fluent, Verum Ultimum Art Gallery, B.Extraordinaire, Gallerium Art, Anne Marie Sculpture Garden and Dallas Center For Photography. 


Artist's Statement

As a child I was enchanted by the changing shape of morning sunlight on my bedroom walls. These were luminous stories and within them was a primal mystery about what it meant to be alive, to be embodied, to be human, to be here.  ​

Photography (from Greek root words meaning 'drawing with light') is the ideal medium to explore my love of illumination. Most of my images are created using the sun as the light source which infuses them with a radiant quality that often catches me by surprise.  Printing the images on metal captures their luminescence, resulting in pieces that are intended to bridge the liminal space between abstraction and Modern Sacred Art.